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Top 5 Attractions in Uganda

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3G Direct Pay Connects with Cellulant to Provide Online Mobile Money Payments Solutions for Africa

AFB Easy Advance FAQ

Business Dreams Become Reality With AFB Easy Cash Advance

Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategies

Refunding a Paid Transaction

Transaction View

Direct Pay Transactions

Email Transactions

New Transaction Guide

Canceling a Transaction

Reinstating a Cancelled Transaction

Transactions Main Display

New Chairman of Direct Pay Online: Offer Gat

Cashless in Africa

Fly540 soars to new heights with 3G Direct Pay

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Announcing Online-Zanzibar.com

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The Hotel Technology and Payments Seminar 14th November, 2014, Wild Waters, Mombasa

Leading Online Payments Processor for e-commerce celebrates 8th Birthday

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How a $21,000 Fraud was Prevented

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How To Speed Up Checkin & Checkout at Hotels

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Direct Pay Online Fraud Prevention Presentation

Everything you need to know about chargebacks, part 2

Do it Online Zanzibar - JUN/2014 Winners !

The Power of Online Customer Reviews

Just Another Day of Online Payments Fraud Prevention

Do It Online Zanzibar - Monthly Contest & Amazing Prizes

Direct Pay Online makes Zanzibar Film Festival 2014 tickets online accessable to all

Direct Pay Online is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant - The highest Payments Security Standard

Direct Pay Online now the first company in East Africa to become PCI DSS LEVEL 1 compliant

Everything you need to know about credit card chargeback fees- part 1

Karibu travel Fair Tanzania 2014

Direct Pay Online partners with the 2014 Kenya Hospitality Trade Fair

Latest News From East Africa's Tourism Industry

Mobile Money Trend in Tanzania - Infographic

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Pros and Cons of Mutual Tourist Visa to Tanzania

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Tourism thriving in Stone Town, Zanzibar, part 2

Online Payments Presentation Zanzibar - January 2014

Growth of boutique hotels mark tourism revival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Kopo Kopo Company Profile

3G Direct Pay Company Profile

3G Direct Pay & Kopo Kopo Announcement Presentation

A New Partnership Between Direct Pay Online and Kopo Kopo

Online Marketing In 5 Easy Steps: Part 3 of 5

Zanzibar Celebrates Revolution Day 50th Anniversary

Check out our interview with the Direct Pay Online Facebook competition winner!

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Downscaling Fraud – Moving Away From Paper to Online Payments

Online Marketing In 5 Easy Steps: Part 2 of 5

Migrating From Magnetic Strips to EMV

Save a Fortune by Working With a PCI DSS Compliant Payment Processor

Travel News East Africa November 2013

Online Marketing in 5 Easy Steps; Part 1 of 5

Win A Google Nexus 7 Tablet for Free

Afrikoin - The Digital Currency Conference

The Real Costs of Payment Processing

Setting the Tone - Who Uses Mobile Payments Today

Visiting #Zanzibar - Part Two with Direct Pay Online

20th Annual World Travel Awards – Nairobi

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Understanding Dynamic Currency Conversion

New Updates to PCI DSS 3

Easy Payments Powered by xPay - Unique Merchants Payment Network

E-commerce booming in Kenya

Visiting Zanzibar - The African Paradise

The new Beat - Bit Coins to Hit Kenya

Social Media in Service of Online Fraud Prevention

UNWTO 20th Assembly Co Hosted by Zambia & Zimbabwe

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PCI DSS is Not a Bad Word

Kenya Hospitality Trade Fair July 2013

What's New in East Africa Airlines

Tanzania in May - News Flash

Trend Of The Heart - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity

Mobile Friendly Zebra - Does Your Site Have A Responsive Design?

Kenya To Win Prestigious Tourism Award

The Karibu Travel Fair 2013

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Why Mobile Payments Are The Next Hot Thing

Fraud Prevention In Online Payment Processing

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