Leading Online Payments Processor for e-commerce celebrates 8th Birthday


Direct Pay Online, our team! From Left to right clockwise: Damaris, Moshe, Eran, Brian, Isabella, Cathy and Kate

Success in Providing Top Online Solutions for Consumers Grows Year After Year

Safe. Reliable. Secure. Since its launch in 2006, Direct Pay Online has established itself as the premier online payment platform for products and services in the African region. It’s also the only e-commerce enterprise to embrace all modes of paying online, including credit cards, Paypal, e-wallets and mobile money options.

“Our online payment system leads the way technology, usability and security,” says Eran Feinstein, Managing Director Direct Pay Online. “Direct Pay Online’s first online transaction in East Africa took place on December 27, 2006, when an Airkenya flight departed from Wilson Airport in Nairobi for the Masai Mara. And ever since, we’ve been successfully filling the online gap between providers and consumers.”

3G Direct Pay, a reliable partner for the travel-related businesses

During its first two years of operation,Direct Pay Online offered its services only to airline companies in the region: -Airkenya, ZanAir, Regional Air Service, Flightlink, Air Excel, Auric Air and Coastal Aviation– in Kenya and Tanzania. Now, hundreds of travel-related businesses and millions of customers consider the service to be their trusted source for shopping, paying, selling and receiving payments in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and Zanzibar. “What’s more,” Feinstein explains, “for more than five years,Direct Pay Online’s chargeback rate has been 10 times less than that of Western Europe.”


3G Direct Pay, Online Payment Processing. From left to right, Isabella – Customer Care, Cathy – Operations Manager, Damaris – Fraud Prevention, Kate – Marketing Manager

Direct Pay Online and the next generation

“Throughout, we’ve held fast to the belief that our consumers deserve the ultimate freedom in what they buy and how they pay for it. Currently, the company has secured business with more than 30 airlines, approximately 250 hotels, and over 300 agents and tour operators. We also established our first annual Scholarship Program. This initiative expresses our will to support our community and the entrepreneurial spirit in the region by offering the next generation of entrepreneurs financial aid to further pursue their higher educational goals. So we look forward to celebrating the upcoming birthday ofDirect Pay Online in December with the growing number of providers and customers who’ve joined us in the past eight years.”



Kate Gathii is the Marketing Manager and Sales Manager for Tanzania and Zanzibar at Direct Pay Online.Direct Pay Online provides global e-commerce and online payments solutions for the travel and related industries.  She has vast experience in the fields of e-commerce, travel and payments, in East Africa.

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