Why the Same Transaction is Successfully Processed By One Provider, But Not Another

Let’s take a typical scenario. A customer from Brazil tries to buy a product from an Africa-based tourism website. The transaction is declined. Then, he tries to buy the same product from another Africa-based tourism website, and the transaction[…]

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How Low-cost Carriers in Africa are Helping More People Fly


Africa has lagged behind other continents in airline travel. Different factors can be to blame for this isolation, such as tedious government agreements necessary to create direct routes, illogical routing causing long flights, and costly[…]

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The Hotel Technology and Payments Seminar 14th November, 2014, Wild Waters, Mombasa

We are pleased to announce that 3G Direct Pay Limited, will be hosting the “Technology and Payments Seminar” at the Mombasa Hotel show, November 14th, 2014.

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Direct Pay Online now the first company in East Africa to become PCI DSS LEVEL 1 compliant

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the first Certificate of Compliance PCI DSS Level 1, in East Africa.  The Certificate, which is vital for companies that accept credit card payments online and off line, represents a common[…]

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