Why You Should Move from Cash-On-Delivery to Online Payments

In the not-so-distant past, cash-on-delivery was the only viable payment option for e-commerce companies in Africa. But this payment method is far from ideal, and poses quite a few problems, hindering the growth and profitability of online[…]

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The Benefits of Digital Payment Solutions for Tour Operators in East Africa

The leading tourism trends in 2016-2017 include a move towards adventure and active travel and an increase in the Millennial segment of the total market of travelers.  From diving with sharks to African safaris, Millennials and other travel[…]

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How Do Pre-Authorizations Work?

Card pre-authorization is a useful practice for merchants in the travel industry, as it gives them a security guarantee, ensuring that customers pay for the services they use. It can also save money. But, how do pre-authorizations work?

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Introducing DumaPay – Direct Pay Online’s New Mobile Payment App

Merchants and customers alike will be pleased to know that Direct Pay Online has recently rebranded their mSWIPE+ app to a new and improved payment app – DumaPay.  

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4 Advantages of Working with a Local Payment Service Provider

Are you trying to decide on the right payment service provider (PSP) for your business? At first glance, it might seem like a difficult decision to make - there are an overwhelming number of international PSPs available. However, as an African[…]

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Direct Pay Online now the first company in East Africa to become PCI DSS LEVEL 1 compliant

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the first Certificate of Compliance PCI DSS Level 1, in East Africa.  The Certificate, which is vital for companies that accept credit card payments online and off line, represents a common[…]

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