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With a large affiliated network, luxury package options, and more flights available than any of their competitors, Expedia.com is at the forefront of virtual booking agencies. Hospitality service providers can include premier services along with regular hotel listings on Expedia to open the door to millions of guests worldwide.


Launched in 1996, Expedia premiered on the web, developed by Microsoft as Microsoft Expedia Travel Services, and was eventually bought out by USA Interactive in 2002. The world’s leading online travel booking system, and the eighth largest travel agency in America, Expedia’s technology offers the most comprehensive flight services available on the market today, and books millions of rooms and car rentals each year.

The Expedia mobile app was launched in spring of 2011 and boasts 90 million device downloads since then. More than half of the people who use the mobile app to book a hotel through Expedia do so for the same night.

The Expedia family encompasses Expedia, Hotels.com, Egencia, Hotwire, eLong, Trivago, and Venere.

The Service

There are two ways for your properties to appear on Expedia: either as a part of the Global Distribution System (GDS) or as a merchant hotel identified as Expedia Special Rate (ESR). GDS properties list their information, inventory, and rates on one of the two systems that Expedia uses for bookings, either Worldspan or Pegasus. Signing up to be listed on Expedia.com is free, as the revenue model is based on bookings as opposed to fees charged. Expedia takes a portion of all bookings as commission.

Hotels that negotiate a higher commission agreement will be identified as ESR. These hotels will receive special, prominent placement on Expedia sites, can be bundled in exclusive travel packages, and will have the content of their listings created and maintained by a special Expedia Lodging Content team.

Expedia screen

Customers who have verified their stay with you through Expedia’s booking system are welcomed to leave a star rating review for up to six months after their initial stay. Expedia offers a special flier that hotel staff members can give to guests which encourages them to share their opinion of their experience at the hotel.

Expedia.com Statistics

  • 146.1 million room nights sold in 2013
  • 90 million mobile downloads since launch
  • $4.8 billion revenue 2013
  • $39.4 billion in gross bookings 2013
  • 260,000 bookable properties
  • 400+ airlines affiliated
  • 150 travel booking sites
  • 70+ counties of availability
  • 60+ million unique visitors to Expedia sites each month

Partnership Perks

Partnership with Expedia, as an ESR hotel, gives your hotel the chance to be seen by the more than 53 million global travelers that visit Experia.com and affiliated sites each month. ESR properties have easy access to rate and availability management tools, allowing you to make immediate changes. They also offer online media and marketing tools, as well as local market revenue management experts who can provide you with business intelligence reports.

There are more than 20 sites globally that are a part of the Expedia family, providing special localized offers for customers worldwide.


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