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Registering your hotel with Booking.com opens your property to a worldwide audience and gives you the automation you need to succeed.

In a fiercely competitive hospitality market, a good and global (booking engine that is also a travel channel partner is essential when it comes to filling up your hotel and managing reservations, calendars, and capacity. In our research, we have found Booking.com to be one of the leading and most comprehensive resources out there.

Customer-focused and part of the popular Priceline.com family, Booking.com will help you get guests in your rooms who otherwise may not have known about your property, thanks to their marketing techniques and huge user base.

Let’s face it: digital marketing and SEO is hard work that takes a good deal of time and money. A good travel channel partner can go a very long way toward boosting your branding and getting guests in the door.

Once you’ve done that, organization is key; in this day and age, you’ve simply got to automate and a good SaaS (Software as a Service) such as Booking.com will do wonders for your business.

Booking.com East Africa


Booking.com was started in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1996, when founder Geert-Jan Bruinsma noticed a gap in the hotel reservation platform online. In 2005, Booking was bought by The Priceline Group for $133 million, and today accounts for more than two thirds of Priceline’s total revenue.

The Service - Listing, Fees & Reach

The premise of Booking.com is a simple one: hotels partner with the site and provide listing information for their properties, which subsequently show up in Booking’s catalog of available rooms. The site also promotes hotels through search engine listings. Booking.com then takes a commission based on each booking made through them.

Booking.com is free to register with, and puts your hotel at the fingertips of guests who book more than 750,000 new reservations a day. Offered in over 40 languages, the site has more than 560,000 participating properties. Getting your business listed on the site is as easy as filling out a form, and it will be instantly available for bookings and reviews. The commission-based service even offers 24/7 multilingual assistance and markets your property on various search engines.

Once you complete your listing, you are able to update your availability and rates online. When someone books with you through the site, you will receive a confirmation fax, and the guest will pay their bill upon arrival or departure. Booking.com charges hotels a base fee of 15% commission rates, which will go up depending on the level of service you choose to participate it (for example, they will take a 20% commission if you choose their preferred member service).


  • Long-term relationship with more than 560,000 hotels worldwide
  • 40,000,000+ guest reviews
  • 750,000 rooms booked per day
  • # 1 most visited travel site by traffic
  • 100+ million visits a month
  • Accessible to over 180 countries

Partnership perks

When you join Booking.com, you give your property a chance to be seen by a huge, worldwide audience that may otherwise never know you existed. Because Booking.com will also actively market your hotel and work to boost your search results on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you also have greater visibility, leading to increased bookings.

Recently, Booking has launched a White Label Service, which takes the mechanics of the Booking engine and applies it into a specific property’s website. Like an expanded version of the “Booking Button” widget, this service gives you all the benefits of an affiliate partnership with Booking, while keeping things contained to your own domain. Do keep in mind, however, that this is basically a wire-framed extension; in other words, Booking will create a “skin” to match your website’s look and feel, however, your visitors will essentially go offsite to book through them via a subdomain that would look something like: booking.yourwebsiteaddresss.com. Don’t worry, though, your clients will never know the difference.

3G Direct Pay and Booking.com

For hotels, 3G Direct Pay provides the option to finalize the booking.com transaction. We can process the end customer’s credit card payment and charge them for the booking. In addition, 3G Direct Pay is launching a special service where the hotel can use  the xPAY module to pay booking.com their booking commission.



Eran Feinstein is the founder of 3G Direct Pay Limited, a global e-commerce and online payments solutions for the travel and related industries. With over 14 years of leading technology, sales, marketing and operation teams Eran is an authority in the East African e-commerce and payments arena. He's also an avid marathon runner.


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