Author: Kate Gathii

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Adoption in Africa

Many societies are experiencing a gradual transition towards cashless-ness, positioning digital currencies as the future of banking and commerce.

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State of Cashless Payments in Ghana

Mobile money was first introduced in Ghana in 2009. By 2012, the Bank of Ghana began compiling data and observed that the value of mobile money transactions reached GH¢ 19.6 million.  Mobile money penetration has grown significantly since then,[…]

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The State of eCommerce in Mauritius

Mauritius, an exotic island in the Indian Ocean, may not be the first place to come to your mind when thinking about ecommerce development. However, as with all African ecommerce, increasing internet penetration throughout the country means that[…]

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5 Reasons You Must Take a Trip to Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island country with some fabulous features that will impress even the most seasoned traveler. Unlike more famous island destinations, Mauritius is small and unspoiled, so visitors can really make the most of everything it[…]

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African eCommerce Shows Continued Growth Despite Challenges

Running an ecommerce business in Africa isn’t without its own unique set of challenges. However, regardless of these hurdles, African ecommerce is showing continued growth. What exactly are the challenges that merchants face, and what are the[…]

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MasterCard Best Practices for Managing Authorization Reversals

Authorization reversals are a tool that merchants can use for various reasons, such as to:

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How the Fintech Revolution is Changing the Face of Employment in Africa

In 2016, global investment in fintech venture companies reached $23.2 billion, up 10% from 2015.  

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American Express Security and Fraud Prevention Strategies

Preventing fraud is an important step towards safeguarding your business and protecting customer information. Many major card providers utilize a range of security features and fraud prevention strategies to ensure merchants and customers are[…]

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Visa Security Features and Fraud Prevention Strategies

Like every major credit card company, Visa takes fraud prevention very seriously. Using a selection of sophisticated card security features and an array of fraud prevention strategies, they enable merchants to accept card payments with a[…]

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MasterCard Security Features and Fraud Prevention Strategies

When customers pay by credit or debit card, there’s always a risk of fraud. However, card providers such as MasterCard implement a wide range of features to ensure the highest level of  security possible– preventing fraudulent transactions and[…]

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